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Strange behavior.

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Valery Sedletski:
ftp access fails too: "Network access denied (65)". So, they seem to ban us by IP, neither http, or ftp or
mail works.

PS: Mirrors of course are very outdated. E.g., was last mirrored in 2017.

Accessing ftp root from a VPN with nftp or Netdrive gives an empty directory listing. Can anybody tell Hobbes admins
that discrimination by territorial attribute is not good. Nobody yet bans USA from russian ftp's, like or,  if we'll begin, would it be good? This will make an additional  fragmentation of community, which is
already very small. Everybody tells about mythical "russian hackers", but I doubt that russian OS/2 users are those,
and even that those mythical hackers are interested in visiting Hobbes. So, ordinary OS/2 users will suffer, as always.

I confirm that access is closed from the Russian address. We have to select a proxy server.
The connection was reset

Mozilla/5.0 (OS/2; Warp 4.5; rv:45.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/45.0

Dave Yeo:
What about other parts of NMSU

Eugene Gorbunoff:
testing from Russia:

*  -  Doesn't work during the last few months.
   host =

* - works fine

Like Ian said... most likely geo block on the specific hobbes external IP.

An admin must really be sick of attacks until he's blocking a whole range or even country ranges. Unfortunately this could potentially mean legit connections also cannot pass through anymore.
But as for protecting the service, this is, as a temporary measure, a valid tool to keep the services up for all of us.
Imagine hobbes being unaccessible for everybody without the geo block would be bad...
And even worse, if it becomes too expensive to protect and maintain hobbes.....
So.. as a quick fix, they propably banned whole ranges to quickly get rid of the attackers.

For the hobbes admins, I'd recommend using adaptive firewall config tools like [  Fail 2 Ban ].
With this they can unblock all the ranges again, and instead configure a set of rules to *automatically*...
- block each individual IP that does forbidden things at every third or second attempt
- unblock them again after n hours

Using such an auto config tool, the firewall maintains itself and only the bad guys need to stay outside. : )


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