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MenuetOS, an OS Written Entirely In Assembly Language, Inches Towards 1.0


Martin Iturbide:

"MenuetOS is an open source, GUI-equipped, x86 operating system written entirely in assembly language that can fit on a floppy disk (if you can find one). I originally spoke to its developers in 2009. Recently I had a chance to catch up with them to chat about what's changed and what needs to be done before the OS hits version 1.0 after 13 years of work. The system's creator, Ville Turjanmaa, says, 'Timeframe is secondary. It's more important is to have a complete and working set of features and applications. Sometimes a specific time limit rushes application development to the point of delivering incomplete code, which we want to avoid. ... We support USB devices, such storages, printers, webcams and digital TV tuners, and have basic network clients and servers. So before 1.0 we need to improve the existing code and make sure everything is working fine. ... The main thing for 1.0 is to have all application groups available'"

I downloaded it and it would be neat to try it. Can one create a bootable cd?

There is an installer for Windows. Does it need windows to create a bootable device? Is it installed on a Windows computer? It might be good for my older netbook computers.  8) Now to find an USB diskette drive and diskettes.  ::)

I found a site that has floppy diskettes.  ;D

They also have USB floppy diskette drive.

There seems to be a spin off of MenuetOS called KolibriOS. It seems it is also written in assembly.

It seems it is small when it comes to recource requirments.
I will also be checking this out.  8)
I think the hummingbird is a neat mascot for it.  :)

I checked that KolibriOS out. Man it boots in like 2 seconds. It is pretty cool.


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