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DTA (DTAudio) and DOS Sound Blaster audio

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Dave Yeo:
Shame that Andrew Zabolotny, the author of VSb and TEMU moved on long ago. IBM did lure him back for the GCC 3.2.2 port but I assume that took money.

Roderick Klein:

--- Quote from: Martin Iturbide on February 17, 2020, 11:43:36 pm ---Hi Roderick

I guess you know more of the subject than me.
It is the first time I hear the DOS TSR term (Terminate and stay resident program)

Roderick, do you see someone in the community with the skill to do this? (with the final goal to have Sound Blaster sound on DOS VDM). Or it has to be someone with more DOS development skill than OS/2 skill?


--- End quote ---

You know I think my answer to people being able to write device diver and find them... VDD drivers are even goal to be a bigger speciality. Also the DTA has been modified.
Sadly its a pretty complex puzzle to get it done. I do know of somebody who is able to look at this.


Tuure Linden:
If I have understood it right the Sound Blaster emulation will be a feature in ArcaOS 5.1. So there's not much to do about this before 5.1 will be released? I'm really looking forward to it - the best games were made in DOS+SoundBlaster era and the experience is not the same without audio or using Dosbox instead of OS/2's built-in DOS emulation.

Dave Yeo:
While I believe that's the goal, Arca Noae usually reserves the possibility that something such as DOS Sound Blaster audio might not be done in time. Lots of this stuff is done by volunteers or people working in their spare time and sometimes things are more dificult then expected.
There's a lot they're hoping to have ready for 5.1 and likely not all will be finished on time.
I'm not talking for Arca Noae, just my observations as a beta tester.

Tuure Linden:
That's true. From my point of view a better WLAN support, newer CUPS with support for my printer (it's available in CUPS for Linux and has been for a long while) and the new browser, of course, are more important things. And perhaps a way to print from WinOS/2 programs also.


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