Author Topic: Presentation about Internet Security held during Let's Warp Cologne User Meeting  (Read 6783 times)

Sandra Asja Eickel

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Using NoScript is a bit encumbering at first, but by the time one gets those settings as they should be for the daily cruising ... until they make yet another layer of B$cripts that renders one site unusable until those settings are in place again. But mostly it's not that much bother for normal daily use, since we tend to go through only few sites anyway ..

But not exactly your average joe's thing to go by ... Privacy Badger would be my recommendation for non tech savvy person for daily browsing privacy.

That's why I changed the settings of NoScript to allow JavaScript from the first party site for my mother. This is a good compromise between privacy/security and comfort for normal users. Only for a few sites I had to show her to enable JS from a second site.

I don't know if Privacy Badger runs with our browsers, but it's definitivly a good addition for the list of suggested (or better: must have) extensions.


P.S.: I *REALLY* miss the old forum software with its hierarchical tree of replies ... :-(
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I don't know if Privacy Badger runs with our browsers, but it's definitivly a good addition for the list of suggested (or better: must have) extensions.

This I don't know. But since talk was there I thought to mention it. Also FF multi containers addon is on of those what I usually recommend to people who are asking for some privacy and security tips and are not so tech savvy.

I don't think I can use any other browser after I got used to that little beauty! Makes life so much easier with all the different accounts and whatnots!

Dave Yeo

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Ivan, careful: AdblockPlus has a telemetry feature. Might be selling data to 3rd parties.. See Mantis ticket #0002397 @ ArcaNoae

I'm logged in, but trying to go to ticked 2397 just gives an "Access Denied."

Lewis made the ticket private as it has the testers ftp credentials posted. The ticket doesn't have anything new, just about x:\sys\doc\Mozilla\MOZ_INFO.HTML basically.

I have Privacy Badger installed here, not sure how well it works due to other add-ons doing the same kind of stuff.


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Now your posts. Switch off your picture, take something NOT personal.

I understand, but there are some sick people around the world which use these pictures. There is also some sick software around in which they can manipulate faces. Your picture alongside your messages could be enlarged up to 300% easily without that you could see it was originate from a much smaller picture. So, that's why I say "switch off your picture" and take something else. But its up to you.


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; ) The ticket contains URLs proving that AdBlock Plus is collecting user data for their telemetry functionality. Lewis initially didn't believe me, but after posting an Adblock-internal chatlog, we came to the conclusion to rather recommend UBlock Origin over Adblock Plus in MOZ_INFO.HTML, shipped with ArcaOS.