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Dave Yeo:
I've built a test version of enigmail-1.9.7. I currently don't have the environment to test it beyond that it installs in Thunderbird and complains about not finding gnupg, next I'll try porting the latest GnuPG 1.4 and perhaps 2.x.
Please test, it should work on 38ESR and 45 ESR versions of SM and TB.

Apparently everything works fine, but says that without the GNUpg you cannot send secure messages. I've tried it with Thunderbird 45.8.0. All ok.

Dave Yeo:
Anyways, this is broken as we need a bunch of JavaScript to use CTYPES to call various operating system functions to open, run programs, read files catch stdin/stdout/stderr and write stuff to disk.
Beyond my abilities right now.
I'll delete the XPI above and recommend removing it from any installs.


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