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Any updates on the Falcon QT browser?

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David Kiley:
Just curious if anyone has heard anything. Still being worked on?

David Kiley:
I was planning to donate to it soon but wanted to check the status to make sure it's still a thing.

Dave Yeo:
They keep running into deficiencies in our build system, needed a new GCC and various libc updates. See for example https://github.com/bitwiseworks/qtwebengine-chromium-os2/issues/3. It's coming along and I'm sure they appreciate donations.

Doug Bissett:
Well, first it is Falkon (with a "k"), not Falcon (with a "c"). They are two different browser programs. I have tried both in windows, Falcon is pretty limited. Falkon is much more capable, and seems to work okay. I also tried Pale Moon, which seemed to be pretty good (and has been mentioned as a possibility for OS/2).

Word is, that they are approaching the end of the project, but it may get held up, if they don't get the funding.

There has been quite some progress. Voice will release a status update tomorrow.


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