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WSE 2020 Frankfurt canceled


Andreas Schnellbacher:
Hi Roderick,

> I guess it does not come as a surprise that the Dutch OS/2 VOICE organisation has decided
> to cancel Warpstock Europe 2020 in Frankfurt Germany.


>Its unknown what steps the German goverment will take in terms of limiting travel. Its also
> unknown how far air travel from other countries is going to be limited.

True, but more important is the decision of each person: Please avoid to travel! Please help to get the movements down to a minimum. Stay at home! Limit shopping to the absolute necessary!

Forget about holidays this year. The current situation is serious, but we all can help to shorten the time the disease takes away our freedom!

Roderick Klein:
We wil have a virtual Warpstock Europe however!

Sandra Asja Eickel:
"Good" doesn't sound right for cancelling WarpStock Europe this year.

It's a sad, but absolutely necessary decision and the right thing to do under the current circumstances.

I don't know how many people registered for WSE, but I urge everyone to donate that small conference fee to bitwiseworks for the QT5 and browser project!

Even with perhaps around thousand Euros from WSE, we are still far from reaching the goal of 42.000 EUR (and even paying further development beyond that)!

Greetings from Germany,


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