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How to make a disk drive for a distant computer

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Hi Neil

The "OS/2 is unable to operate the hard drive" can often mean that the drive letter has got screwed up somehow ie installation may have been to partition/volume D: but, for whatever reason, during boot the drive letter D: now refers to another partition/volume.

Are there other disks installed causing this problem?



Neil Waldhauer:
I'm guessing the remote user did something wrong with DFSee. I think he imaged the good drive, then restored to a smaller drive.

Then he did some other stoff.

DFSee reports "Pid03=   WARNING : Bootable JFS or HPFS driveletter mismatch BPB versus LVM!"

Neil Waldhauer:
I think the original image made by DFSee was corrupt. Apparently if I wipe the drive first, my procedure works. I'll post again if it doesn't work in the field.

It's a lot simpler to make and restore whole drive images. I wonder how bad it is to restore a 40 GB image to an 80 GB drive?

And in another unrelated note, it seems easier than ever to support 20 year old computer hardware. Everything I need is available, as long as I'm not too picky. Refurbished seems to mean they wiped it off after picking it out of the dumpster.


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