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Martin Vieregg:
Now I have published version 0.51. A lot of critical bugs are solved. Now the program should be ready for "daily use". I have not implmenend new functionality. English docu is revised (thanks to Ivan!) and a german docu is also availabe. Locatiion is still the same.

Please read carefully the readme.txt and the help chapters 1 and 3. You have to understand the concept first before using the program.

Here you can download MeShell.zip (500 kB)

Please collect bugs and comments and E-Mail them to me.

Please still do not upload to hobbes or to other locations at the moment.

I am sorry, but there's a big problem left: Do not execute a cmd file with PAUSE command. I start a new thread in the programmers section for solving the problem.

Martin Vieregg:
Please repeat the download. I have updated to MeShell to version 0.52  MeShell.zip (650 kB). Now PAUSE works again. The bug also refers to a malfunction, when a program wants user input.
But user input of a program is still not perfect, because cmd.exe does not send a text in the same line before entering input. PAUSE is not envolved.

PAUSE requires pressing ENTER, even the text is "press any key".

Sergey Posokhov:
Yes, it works!

Would you like to add some mouse actions, for example, "Select, Copy and Unselect" when "Shift" is pressed?

Martin Vieregg:

--- Quote ---"Select, Copy and Unselect" when "Shift" is pressed?
--- End quote ---

Please take a look at the "Feeling" page of the settings notebook. The editor should be comparible with other editors. Or do you want specific commands? Please be more concretely.

Sergey Posokhov:
Let's call it "Click and Select".

Then, if "Shift" is pressed, — Copy (into Clipboard) and Unselect.


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