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MeShell commandline frontend timetable

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Martin Vieregg:
I have finished now MeShell 0.5 commandline frontend for cmd.exe and 4os2.exe.

Please read carefully the readme.txt and the help chapters 1 and 3. You have to understand the concept first before using the program.

Here you can download MeShell.zip (500 kB)

This is the first pupblished version. Please collect bugs and comments and E-Mail them to me.

Ivan and others: If you want to edit the help docu, please send me an E-Mail. But I will only send the docu source to one person simultaneously and I will note this here. The docu source is in Hypermake format. You can edit it with an arbitrary editor (without syntax highlightning), with Hypermake or with WSedit.

Please do not upload to hobbes or to other locations at the moment.

Hi Martin,

I sent you an e-mail several days ago, I hope it got to you.  If not use ivan10atfreedotfr (remove at dot).

Martin Vieregg:
I've sent the docu source to Ivan now.

Got them thanks, will start tomorrow.

Martin Vieregg:
 Please turn off the setting on the Save page of the settings notebook: "remove similar commands from list". This is buggy. Entering a command can crash MeShell. I will fix this in the next update.


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