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MeShell commandline frontend timetable

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Wendy Krieger:
It's the sort of thing I've been looking for.  It gives this. 

--- Code: ---Access violation exception (EGPFault occured
at CS:EIP=$0000005B:$1E1D05D6 at $1E1D05D6!
Terminate Program?

--- End code ---

At the moment, I start 4OS2 through a CMD2EXE program.  This allows me to move it off the path.  It would be interesting to see what this things of that, except so far, I've only implemented that setup on eCS 2.2, nand not the Acra506  machine.

Both machines are on VPC under Vista 6.1 (Windows 7).  There's been a bit of Accelerated Installs done on both of these, since this is the current project.

Dariusz Piatkowski:

--- Quote from: G. M. Anchieri on August 31, 2020, 05:39:43 pm ---I have installed for testing meshell 0,82 but it block immediately  with window msg:   
German language (Deutsche Sprache?)
and two button:  yes   |   no       
but I was unable to push any of two.
my system is: ARCAOS505 and language in config.sys is: SET LANG=it_IT_EURO

--- End quote ---

Any chance you are also using X-it?

I am, and had precisely the same problem you reported. Including 'MESHELL.EXE' in X-it's Exception list allows MeShell to run.

Wendy Krieger:
It looks from the screen layout of MeShell that it's going to be a permanent thing, so it's best to include this sort of stuff in the help file (see eg searchplus for an example).  See picture from searchplus.hlp refering to dragtext39. 

The same bug exists with MeEditor.


If you run console applications (like fc/2 or q edit), they hide in the invisible console.  This has a button up the top, so that maybe it could show the name of the running program.  A reference to this in the install.txt might help too.


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