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Advice needed


I have an odd problem and would like some advice as to the best solution.

Problem:  I have several e-mail accounts (POP3) that I would like to get back to having PMMail deleting the mails after download.  I also have several computers that get switched on at odd times as well as a couple of tablets all of which I would like to keep up to date with the e-mails.  At the moment I have to go to each account and delete all the old mail once a week after making sure all equipment is up to date.

Question:  Is there a way to automate this?  My main computer is on 24/7 with a fixed IP on the network.

Any thoughts and/or advice?

Matt Walsh:
If you want the email on different computers/tablets and they start at various times then you would have a hard time using POP or IMAP to download and delete mail from any one computer.  I think you would need a fixed "last" computer to delete the mail from the ISP and then a routine to have it deleted from all the other computers.  Have you considered storing it on a NAS device as a central repository.  I've been able to use one for data I use under ARCA and Windows on different computers.  Just a thought.

Dave Yeo:
Along the lines that Matt mentioned, run a POP3 server on your main computer, download the mail to that and delete on main server.

Ian B Manners:
If you install an email server program such as Weasel from Peter Moylan, you can setup it up so email that comes in for one user is automatically copied to several other users [by extension, to, or from several users]. ie, its all to do with creating one or more alias's which still have seperate mailbox's.

You can then have each computer have its own user (mine1@, mine2@) which are all receive alias's for your primary email address(s). As each computer access's that account, then it deletes email after retrieve from that computers POP email account. This allows each computer to retrieve all the email sent to that one user with no double ups across different computers. When any of the computers send email out, they can do so via Weasel or via your external SMTP server using the email address(s) that you wish the outside world to reply to.

Hope that makes sense. Probably best described with a piece of paper and a pen to make a flow chart :)

Taking Ian's advice I have produced a flow chart but reading the Weasel manual I'm not sure that is what I need.

Any more advice very much appreciated.


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