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PC Speaker output to sound card?

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Ok, I am now done. Find attached. I just updated your ZIP. Also uploaded to Hobbes.

Oops, required a fix for the 16-bit version. Also uploaded to Hobbes.

Theron W. Genaux:
Lars, I work with Gregg and am trying to recompile the code you provided. We have VisualAge C++ Professional 4.0 installed. The make file you provided does not work with it. I evoked namake and it failed with, SYS1041: The name ilink.std is not recognized as an or external command, operable program or batch file.

I'm new to OS/2 and have never used VisualAge C++ before. What compiler did you use to compile newcalls.dll? Did you have any configuration default configuration files? Thanks in advance for your help.

Martin Iturbide:
Hi Theron, welcome to the forums.

I'm not a developer, I only have tried to consolidate the OS/2 development knowledge that I was able to find on the EDM/2 Wiki.

I have noticed that there are some opinions around that VAC++ 4.0 (VisualAge C++ Professional 4.0), like it is not stable or/and it had changed it so much from other versions, and some OS/2 developers had remained on VAC 3.x. The latest version that I have reference was "C and C++ Compilers for OS/2 Version 3.6.5" with Fixkpack #2 (English). I did some simple compile samples with that version.

You may get the issue that different developers have different opinions about the tools and the version that they use.



VAC 3.x.
It came with a fixpak that contained multiple versions of the linker, that's why the linker exe has such a funny name.
You can modify makefiles to run ilink.exe.
Why don't you write your own makefiles/ configuration file?
That should not be too difficult. And since VAC4 works completely differently, you will need to create a build configuration anyway.


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