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Google Photos - pics no longer showing?

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Dariusz Piatkowski:
I was attempting to download some pics off of my mobile device and noticed that Google Photos (https://photos.google.com/) no longer actually shows the images. Instead of a photo I see a grey square/frame, but that's it.

Is anyone else seeing this?

I see no Google 'service outage' updates out there but having recently ran some RPM package updates I'm wondering if one of them messed things up. So before I go digging through them all I'd like to know if this is just my issue?


Paul Smedley:
I see the same thing here with Firefox 38 on ArcaOS. Works fine in latest Chrome/Firefox on Ubuntu...

Could it be webp ?  (I do not use google photo)
(new google and firefox too standard picture... and replaces jpg, png, gif etc...)   
Of course not supported by older browser nor under OS/2 ! 

libvebp libraies may be needed !
Or may be some online webp to jpg (gif...) could help !
Can you provide an example please ?


Martin Iturbide:
I tried Google Photos with Firefox 45.9 and it working very bad.
I can access the site, see the square shapes, but pictures does not display right.  I see the album cover, but once I access it I don't see the pictures. If I access one picture of the album I see it shortly and after that it change to the loading icon.

We need a new browser, let's keep supporting Bitwise.


Neil Waldhauer:
I'm sorry to read that Google Photos does not work. I rely on many Google services, although, I am also in the Apple ecosystem.

Apple Photos still works amazingly well. It's quite the same thing, but Microsoft One Drive is also very functional. I've been uploading 300 GB files to one drive all week using Firefox.

I'll send BitWise another small donation. I wish I could do more.


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