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Sigurd Fastenrath:
The Server is down and as one of those left who has had access told as at

(please read more here:  )

Well, this Forum has been the most important one for OS/2 Users here in Germany. As of now there is no special plan how to overcome this situation. As Uwe Jacobs posted he has got a Backup of the DB Database.

In the past there have been some activities to transform the two German forums and into one "new" while keeping the old messages of both.

So this might be the point to establish a new forum there, if this will not happen the os2 community will have some trouble to keep alive.  :-[

This is another important Topic we will try to discuss in Cologne later this month.


If you are interested in following the further development here is a separate thread:

Martin Iturbide:
Hi Sigurd

If there is something we can help about it at please let me know. 
Maybe we can talk about it. Who is the webmaster of the site?

The options that came to my mind are:
- If they don't want to continue with the forums, we can accommodate some german-speaking forums on this site.
- I can try to recover their archived forums here at OS2world and put is as "read only", but I will have to check which scripts they are using.
- They are free to join us at OS2World. We need moderators and people that wants to collaborate are welcome.

About the forum:
Here I use "SMF Forum" script and it is a very good script (running on MySQL). The community of SMF Forum is very active and since version 2 I found it very easy to update the script and keep up to date.

What I had found hard on SMF Forum is to migrate posts from other forums to this script. The MySQL database structure is not as easy as putting new fields on a table to migrate posts from other sources. This is why I have two historic forums on this site (really old Ultraboard and the old OS2World forum (Based on SMF forum too) but I haven't found a way to join it together with the current one.


Sigurd Fastenrath:
Martin, thank you very much for your offer, but fortunately (and surprinsingly) the Server is online again.

Puh and thanks tomthose working behind the curtain.

And thanks again Martin for your ongoing work!


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