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Martin Iturbide:

Going on with the idea of updating the Gaming site, I want to check the Java Games.

I have the issue that some games where applets running on the browser (that used to have a Java plugin). Today we don't have that support anymore and I don't know if someone knows some technique to run those with java.exe in some way.

For example this 1999 Breakout game.  I want to try to include a .cmd files on those games to make it easier to run for the OS/2 users.


The breakout game is written as an applet and not as a standalone java program. It has to do with the internal structure. You have to rewrite it for a part and compile it into a JAR file.

Martin Iturbide:
Hi Joop.

I was reading about it. I will give it a try to change the source code of breakout and see what happens.

What would be required today to run an applet on the browser? Use Netscape or IBM Browser and an old java version that has a plugin? Any other ideas?


Hi Martin

Did icedtea - I think that is what the openjava plugin is called - get dropped or is it still in development?

Last time I tried it was years ago and it did not work very well at all.



Dave Yeo:
The icetea plugin will crash the 45.9 based browsers, I think it'll work in the 38ESR and maybe 45.5 ones but make sure to remove it if using newer after testing.


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