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Attempting to back system up using Zip command, receiving access denied error.

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Ibrahim Hakeem:
Hi all, I finished an installation + configuration of Arca OS on one of my computers and decided to use the zip program to make a backup in the hopes of it being a bit lighter/quicker than DFSEE. Using the following command found on Blondeguy: zip -qryS cdrive.zip c:\* -x WP?ROOT.?SF

The backup does start but inevitably after a bit of progress I get an Access Denied error. Zip and Unzip have been updated as required through YUM and I am a bit stumped on what could possibly be the source of the issue. I doubt it's anything too grave as it's a brand new installation but I haven't found any possible causes yet...

Dave Yeo:

Ibrahim Hakeem:
I don't think it's related to Swapper.dat... As far as I'm aware, that's not a file in drive C:.


i found this: https://ecsoft2.org/iris, maybe thats the tool you are looking for.

Neil Waldhauer:
Zip is an excellent way to make a backup. Your problem is that you are doing on a running system.

Boot something else; ArcaOS media is OK, or a second installation. Zip just as you have done. Your back up will be perfect. Restore the same way.


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