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Old OS/2 user, now newbie!

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Axel Masok:
Hi OS2World,  I thought I'd join and see if I can broaden my skills a little further with an OS I used in 1995.  Wow.
Funny how things happen, I scored an AGP/Sempron PC complete the other day and whilst looking for something to boot on it came across an ECS 2.1 CD.  Insert ATI9000 AGP and an Intel Pro100 PCI and behold 1080p OS/2.  I'm keen to tinker with it and funny enough - I use Firefox and Thunderbird as core tools to do my job. This is interesting, I'll have a go.
I have been a Linux user (exclusively) since 2004 so have been self supporting as well as assisting other Linux users via forums for years.
From internet searching I'm finding the remaining community to be smaller than I thought.  Searching OS/2 issues in web searches is rather unfruitful. It looks like ArcOS/ECS users are likely supported by subscription based support services.  Is OS2World a good place to discuss user issues?  Where else?

Hi Axel

Welcome back to the weird and wonderful world of OS/2 and minor variations.

A lot of software ported from linux requires various ported libraries, lots of which are available in rpm packages.
As a linux user you probably have used yum/rpm to (un/)install software and will find a frontend to help with that here

You may also find that eCS2.1 yum/rpm installation needs updating before looking at what other packages are available.

ArcaOS support is included in a purchase of ArcaOS.

General OS/2, eCS, ArcaOS support/discussion is mainly here with the occasional newsgroup post.



Axel Masok:
Hi Pete,

Thanks for the reply.
Appreciate the link to the package manager.  I have read about it in my recent browsing.  It's hard to know what requires a subscription and what doesn't at this early stage for me.  As you can appreciate it's baby steps for me without too much commitment.  I will be playing with additional software after I have explored what eCS has built in already.
Indeed I have most experience with apt/deb primarily, along with yum as well in my CentOS admin days.
I can tell you working at the OS/2 command prompt is alarming for me after using BASH for 20 years!

I haven't found (yet) any guide or write up from an experienced user as to what they enable/disable, install/uninstall or need to configure for a new install. It looks like I'll be on my own there.  It's funny web searching anything OS/2/eCS/ArcaOS brings up dozens of "history of OS/2" articles as far as the eye can see...

I currently have a mouse button issue I'll post in another section.  It's a bit of a show stopper at this point!


Thomas M.:
Hello Axel,

another Forum to ask questions (in german language) and search for information might be found here


Martin Iturbide:
Hi Axel. Welcome to OS2World.

Maybe you already know, we haven't hear from the eComStation guys (Mensys and XEU software) since 2016 (aprox). The latest and greatest OS/2 OEM version today is ArcaOS from Arca Noae which is actively updating the installer and doing their best for bugfixing the platform.  If you have the resources I recommend you getting ArcaOS to be able to access the latest drivers and support.

You are in the right place to ask away about ArcaOS, OS/2 and eComStation.

Welcome back.


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