Author Topic: Samba Server v4.11.7  (Read 171 times)

Paul Smedley

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Samba Server v4.11.7
« on: May 20, 2020, 11:24:13 pm »
Hi All,

Looking for a small number of testers who are willing to test and provide feedback on Samba Server v4.11.7.

This is pretty hot off the presses, and has not yet truly been stress tested. Having said that, the patches are based on the changes that were made for Samba 3.x; and also the changes I made to get the Samba Client based on v4.x working some years ago.

I'd been working on the server on/off for a while, but had hit issues, for which I had a lightbulb moment this week and resolved.

The only real pre-requisites are:
- you need to understand that this is not very well tested yet - and there is a remote chance of it causing data loss.
- you need to understand that support on configuration is not going to be provided - I just don't have the spare time to provide this - and google will do a much better job that me anyway
- you need to be willing to share feedback

For now, I'm not willing to post a link to binaries online due to the lack of testing mentioned above, so contact me via email (paul at smedley dot id dot au) if you're interested in helping.

For Samba 4.11 and above, SMB1 is OFF by default - it can be enabled in smb.conf



Dariusz Piatkowski

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Re: Samba Server v4.11.7
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2020, 12:58:00 am »
email on it's way...