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Browser or website problem?

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Hi All

Using Mozilla/5.0 (OS/2; Warp 4.5; rv:45.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/45.0 SeaMonkey/2.42.9esr, checking about:buildconfig I see '--enable-optimize=-march=pentium-m -O2' which should help Dave identify exact build I think.

I am trying to access https://www.gumtree.com and during load images on the page briefly display but after loading the page is totally blank, no text or images. This worked until very recently.

The "View -> Page Source" displays the page code.

I have exchanged email about the problem with gumtree support who respond with "tested the site using a Chrome and FF browser on Windows 10, and all appears to be okay" along with the suggestion to try Chrome or other modern browser.

Having just installed haiku in VirtualBox I gave the included WebPositive browser a try with exactly the same results.

The WebPositive "about" shows:-

   WebPositive 1.1 (alpha) browser - September 2018

   HaikuWebKit 1.6.7
   WebKit 606.1.4

I guess WebPositive is not "modern" enough.

Out of interest is the above WebKit part of qt5? - is our proposed new browser already out of date?

Can anyone identify the problem(s) the above browsers have with gumtree.com?



Eugene Tucker:
Well, In Windows 10 it works with Falkon and it was released last year. So I would say if it goes well  you will have no problem with the new QT5 based browser.

Hi Pete,

I see what you are seeing especially when I temporally start allowing the scripts they seem to think necessary to run the site.  With all scripts blocked I do see some pictures. I didn't bother trying to allow the advertising they wanted to dump on my computer.

As a second test I started Falkon browser on Linux Mint.  All the pictures show up and I assume the site is still running the dozen or so scripts - 6 ads are blocked.

Next I opened Firefox 76 on and allowed gumtree on NoScript.  After asking to allow cookies the pictures came up with no problems - can't do anything with them though, I assume that would require unblocking more scripts from external sites. 

As an aside, when I opened the site Adblock blocked 6 ads but after 10 minutes it is up to 13 ads blocked. 

It would appear the gumtree site is doing some blocking of older browsers presumably because the older browsers won't run some of the scripts they seem to think are necessary.

I will try with firefox on my Samsung tablet when it is charged.

Dave Yeo:
Hi Pete, I went to the site without a user agent and NoScript, they thought I was a bot and told me to enable scripting, after allowing a couple of scripts, Gumtrees and the Google one for Captcha and clicking I'm not a robot, the site seems to work. At least I see pictures with descriptions and prices.
So try a different user agent or none (blank) which actually seems to work.

Depends where you put it. In my view its a website problem. They illegally want to now things from you and the programs at the back can't do it with our browser. They valueyourprivacy. Lets translate that. Value is in this case money. So they earn money with your private information. In my country this is illegal.


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