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ArcaOS DVD and bootable USB stick available

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Neil Waldhauer:
ArcaOS 5.0.5 is included with your valid ArcaOS Support & Maintenance subscription at no additional charge. To download your fresh ISO, simply visit your Arca Noae customer portal page, select the Orders & Subscriptions link on the navigation panel to the left, then click on the order for your ArcaOS license. Once there, click the download link to request a fresh ISO, and wait for your notification email.

If your ArcaOS Support & Maintenance subscription has already expired, and you missed your window of opportunity to renew at regular rates, you may still renew at less than the cost of a new ArcaOS license.

Arca Noae sells only digital versions of ArcaOS. If you want a DVD or USB stick version, you can make your own. Instructions are provided with ArcaOS.

If you would rather buy the DVD or USB stick, Blonde Guy has plenty of them on hand. See the following link to shop for ArcaOS on DVD or USB stick. International shipping is now available.

Hi Neil

Reading I see that USB3 support should be included.

Having download 5.0.5 and had a look at the iso I cannot find usbxhcd.sys, it is not included in the usb package \CID\SERVER\ARCAPKG\USB.WPI

Did USB3 support get withdrawn or is it hiding in another package due to "preview" status?



Rene Hvidsoe:
Hi Pete,

The USB 3 driver is included have just installed on a new desktop bought in Jan 2020. That has USB 3 ports  and USB 2  ports connected to the USB 3 chip. So before I needed a USB 2 PCI E addon card to install.

 Now not needed  :)

Kind Regards


Hi Pete, 

You should be able to find them in \bootimgs\  You need e_pf.exe to unpack the pf file.

Hi Rene,

Out of curiosity what motherboard and processor does your computer have?  I am waiting on the delivery of a new hard disk for my AMD Ryzen 3 2200G unit so I can test before I accidentally mess up what I have.


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