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ArcaOS DVD and bootable USB stick available

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Rene Hvidsoe:
To Ivan,

I have a Gigabyte A320M-SH2 V2  with a AMD Ryzen 3 1200.



Andreas Schnellbacher:

--- Quote from: Rene Hvidsoe on June 08, 2020, 07:28:12 am ---I have a Gigabyte A320M-SH2 V2  with a AMD Ryzen 3 1200.

--- End quote ---
Interesting. How much RAM is available to OS/2? (Type mem in a command window.)

Is network and sound working?

Eugene Tucker:
I have a problem with the USB stick creating too small a partitcian than I need to copy the ISO to it. One time it created a FAT and the other time a FAT32. Both were under 2 GB's.

Hi All

Thanks for the e_pf.exe tip.

I had a similar problem with 5.0.4 and used DFSee - - to create the flash drive partition.

Having discovered I had e_pf.exe installed as part of my "bootAble setup" - - I had a go at unpacking which worked fine once I figured out that I actually had to use e_pf.exe as the first couple of tries resulted in "SYS1059: The system cannot execute the specified program." due to the presence of in the same directory.

Having added usbxhcd.sys to config.sys and updated usb from 12.05 to 12.06 my 5.0.4 installation now has working USB3 on my Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 rev 4.0 mainboard withAMD990FX/SB950 chipset. Obviously limited testing to date but no problems so far.

Martin may want to update the Wiki entry for this mainboard to USB3 Supported by ArcaOS 5.0.5/USB 12.06



David McKenna:
      You can also boot the disk/stick to the 'System Management' page, open a command prompt, and type 'copy Z:\USBXHCD.SYS C:\os2\BOOT <enter>' (if the normal boot drive is C:). Then add the line BASEDEV=USBXHCD.SYS to CONFIG.SYS before the other USB**CD.SYS lines (if any) but after usbd.sys. Seems to work OK so far...


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