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Carl Miller:
Anyone know where I can download wifistate.exe for OS/2, or something similar to set up wifi? Using OS/2 4.52 on an old Dell laptop with a Compaq WL 100 PCMCIA card. The card is working and I can ping my wifi router, but cant seem to ping any websites. I went through the TCP/IP setup but I probably did something wrong. Total noob here.

Doug Bissett:
PCMCIA is a very, very, ugly thing. However, if you have it doing a ping to your router. it is working (I am surprised). Pinging web sites can fail, simply because most web sites no longer allow you to do that.

You say it is using WiFi. What, exactly, is the adapter? We need to know the PCI ID (should be something like 1234:5678). You can get that by using the PCI.EXE program.


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They are old, but should be okay for your antique hardware.

Carl Miller:
Hi Doug,

My wifi card is a Compaq WL 100.

the pci utility you linked to is no longer there, so I used lspci instead. the relevant output:

00:04.0 CardBus bridge: Texas Instruments PCI1131 (rev 01)
00:04.1 CardBus bridge: Texas Instruments PCI1131 (rev 01)

I noticed it didn't read my PC card, don't know if it's supposed to, but it did see the PCMCIA slots. The wifi card was inserted when I ran this. It listed a few other items such as Host Bridge, VGA compatible controller, Bridge, IDE interface, USB Controller etc. Not sure if any of those would be useful in this case.

Let me know if you need more info and thanks for your help,


Dariusz Piatkowski:

So I'm thinking along the lines (re: tcpip connectivity) that Doug is, connection to a router is a good thing.

What actually happens if you do a tracerte to a site, so for example, assuming I want to see what path is taken to get to www.google.com:

--- Code: ---[G:\usr\local\lib]tracerte www.google.com
traceroute to www.google.com (, 30 hops max, 38 byte packets
 1  20:E5:2A:5C:4A:CF         (  0 ms  0 ms  0 ms
 2  bas1.wndson17.mnsi.net    (  0 ms  0 ms  0 ms
 3  br1.wndson17.mnsi.net     (  0 ms  0 ms  0 ms
 4             (  10 ms  10 ms  10 ms
 5           (  10 ms
 (  0 ms           (  0 ms
 6            (  0 ms  10 ms
      (  10 ms
 7  lga15s49-in-f4.1e100.net  (  10 ms  10 ms  0 ms

--- End code ---

This will actually tell us if you are getting out at all past your router in the first place, if not, could be a DNS resolution.

Do you have DHCP or static IP address?

Carl Miller:
Hi Dariusz,

my result with tracerte is : uknown host www.google.com

I am using manual configuration as I couldn't get DHCP to work.

I have another question, where do you enter the wifi password when setting up TCP/IP? I didn't see anywhere to enter it in the setup. That might be my whole problem. Guess I should've asked that to start with  ;D


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