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Sigurd Fastenrath:

--- Quote from: Eugene Gorbunoff on January 06, 2013, 07:28:03 pm ---Message from eComStation.RU:

If publish all materials, this will make damage to the health of Sigurd and damage to eComStation.

--- End quote ---

Well, as I wanted to stop before,  every one for himself can get an idea of what is all about now. This speaks for its own.

Ian B Manners:
Hi Sigurd,

--- Quote ---By the way, where are the Forum rules here?
--- End quote ---

Martin is still recovering a lot of the old forum material, which will give us back information like that.

In the mean time, commonsense prevails.

Don't slander, threaten or attack others, if you have a problem with another person/company that is emotional, best to take it elsewhere, OS2World is a community, as such we prefer conflict is resolved in private elsewhere unless it's an issue that directly involves, this issue doesn't.

What you put on the internet stays on the internet, you may regret it in the future, this applies to EVERYTHING.

Your last post is still threatening (the lawyer bit), I'll give you the option to edit it before I remove it.

Sigurd Fastenrath:

A First quickshot of the first modified Video.

Have Fun!

Sigurd Fastenrath:
This is what it looks like -> works  8)

You need to understand only one thing: Gorbunov has a mentality of herbalife distributor, nothing else.
He is not an engineer, not a manager, just salesman, and a very vain salesman, in addition ;)


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