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Zotac launches ZBOX nano AQ01 mini-PC with AMD Kabini


I like how it does not come with an operating system. I dislike having to pay for one if I am only going to overwrite it with another.

I wonder if one could put an eCS logo on top of it?  8)
It indicates it has space for a 2.5 inch hard drive or solid state drive and has an AMD quad core cpu.

Interesting to see this one as I've been looking into getting the new Intel NUC Haswell i3 unit which beside being upgrade to utilize haswell chipset also now include IR-eye which the previous version didn't. But, for the Zotac; major downside as I see it is that they use Realtek NIC's which is pure crap. But, I would be able to back hopefully shortly with an update with the Intel NUC and eCS.


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