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Thinkpad Yoga S1 12 weird *A* key

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Got a used Thinkpad Yoga S1 12 at the beginning of 2020, working all fine, but now the "A" key needs to be pushed a special way to work. - Which is of course very troublesome, especially when translating.
The key press feels normal, just as all the others.

I have tried to push lots of air into that key from all angles... maybe there is some dirt underneath the key? --> No change.
Also I did rotate the display to make the thing tablet, and vice versa while directing compressed air in/on that "a" key. --> No change.

grr.. next step would be to unscrew the whole thing (I've seen the maintenance manual.. uff..) just to see the keyboard from underneath.. - But question is (and this is why I am writing this).. did anybody do that already on that notebook?
Good chance, the keyboard is built in "as one piece", and one cannot look underneath the keys... which would render the whole action a waste of time. - Instead I'd get a new keyboard and THEN unscrew everything, and replace the damn thing.

But then again, if anybody did this already, and the keyboard CAN be maintained and revived, getting a new one would be a waste of money..

So.. any hints welcome. : )

How to get to it/replace it:

Looks like the keyboard backside is sealed.  A refurbished one will cost you around <= 40 Euros.

By the way: instead of blowing air through it, have you ever tried to use a vacuum cleaner to actually suck all dirt out of the keyboard ?

Neil Waldhauer:
I kind of miss those old IBM keyboards you could wash in the top rack of the dishwasher.

I agree that replacing the keyboard is the way to go. Lenovo hardware maintenance manuals make it pretty easy if a bit tedious.

Doug Bissett:
An old trick, that sometimes fixes things like that, is to detach the keyboard, and drop it onto a hard surface (table top), face down, from about 18 inches (.5 meter). That will often shake some dirt loose, and then you can use a vacuum to suck it out of the keyboard. Try to make it land flat, or the keys may pop off (they are just pressed on).

I recommend that you NEVER blow dirt around in a computer. That will cause more problems than it will ever fix. A vacuum is much better, but it may pick up parts, if they are loose.

I did say "sometimes".   :D

Thank you guys for the immediate help : )) <-- yes hd to push the a quite hard for that one grml... feels like it's getting worse.. :o

Watched the video.. and found this to be rocket science. : ] - Where are the times where you could take out the keyboard from above? ; )
Guess there is no choice. Going to get such a keyboard. - Are they all illuminated, or do I need to take special care when looking for such a keyboard?
Asking this because I also found some for 25 EUR.. mhm : )


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