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Dave Yeo:
Hi, I notice that the RSS feed for the Forum link on the main page seems broken. The other 5 feeds links seem fine.

Martin Iturbide:
Hi Dave.

Is this one working for you?

If so, I will add it to main page.


Dave Yeo:
Hi Martin, yes, that seems to work. Thanks.
Here's a test screeensaver module, the html2txt.dll needs to be on the LIBPATH.

Martin Iturbide:
Hi Dave, it is very nice. It actually brings the text.

Sorry to abuse the subject, but maybe you can take a look at this:
I was hoping that maybe some of those open source modules can be ported to DSSaver if it is not too much work.


Dave Yeo:
Yes, I should return to working on it as some point and give adding more modules a try. Those look fairly simple to port.
The CairoRSS module was originally written for Warpstock and I've just cleaned it up mostly. It could be extended in various ways as well. There's also some NLS stuff to be done.


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