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Dave Yeo:
This module got broken by the curl rpm update. Here's a rebuilt version using curl4.dll. Included is also a version for the Arca Noae feed.

Martin Iturbide:
Hi Dave

Thanks for updating this module.

Is HTML2TXT.DLL part of some other project? or did you made it for this module? I ask this because I want to see if I can document the HTML2TXT functions for the EDM/2.


Dave Yeo:
Hi Martin,
I believe the original author, Robert Henschel, simply took the html2txt program and converted it to a DLL. The source itself has,

--- Code: ---/*
 * Portions Copyright (c) 1999 GMRS Software GmbH
 * Carl-von-Linde-Str. 38, D-85716 Unterschleissheim,
 * All rights reserved.
 * Author: Arno Unkrig <>

--- End code ---
Followed by the GPL blurb. Going to the program seems to have been rewritten in Java. Searching does show the original man pages here and there.
I mostly updated it to use the system Cairo, curl and libxml2 and changed the hard coded URL.


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