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Is there a cron application that works on ArcaOS?

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Michael Snyder:
For years I used a unix port called cron/2 to perform various backup and other tasks.  At some time between ArcaOS 5 and 5.04, it stopped working.  By that I mean that while the program runs, it will not start any applicatiions.  I've also tried a cron application written in REXX, but it won't start anything for me either.  Does anyone know of one that works on the current version of ArcaOS?

Dariusz Piatkowski:
Hey Michael,


I am using CRON/2 today, albeit not with AOS...nevertheless, I am curious, what are the errors you are seeing?


Dave Yeo:
Hi Michael, the simplest is to create a program object for the program you want to run then set it to run when you want in the Properties under the Schedule tab.

Michael Snyder:

I don't seem to have a schedule tab on any of my properties notebooks.  How did you get them?

Michael Snyder:

I don't get any error messages.  If I launch cron/2, it just sets there.  It does not start any of the programs listed in the cron2.dat file.  They're mostly rar commands to do backups.  I get no backup and no error messages.


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