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Short Report about the User Meeting Cologne 2013 and Forecast 2014

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Sigurd Fastenrath:
Herse some quick informations about the event, a more detailed report and pictures will be provided later.

For us (Thomas and me) the event was a total success! We have had 16 attendees, some coming even from a longer distance, like Wolfgang Draxler who travelled from Vienna! We discussed a lot of topics about OS/2 Hard- and Software, the OS/2 internet web site, the future, and one attendee even showed us possible ways to create a bootable USB Stick with OS/2!

It was really a harmonic event, with really factual discussions! We are very satiesfied with it! As Thomas and me sponsored the costs for the event this time, the attendees did donate that much money during the event that this already covers the cost for next year! So I will try tomorrow to rent the room during the same time (end of November 2014) there - I will report if this will work out - and then we will go on with the next User meeting 2014! 8) :)

Sigurd Fastenrath:
can be find here:


Silvan Scherrer:

thanks for sharing the first couple of photos and the small text. I hope there will be some more text to read about what was discussed and the like.


Martin Iturbide:
Thank you very much for sharing Sigurd.

Congratulations on the first "User Meeting Cologne" !!!! 

Martin Iturbide:
It created some noise on the Geek category of Reddit.


I usually read some stuff from there.


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