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Just started to dabble in os/2 again

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Been doing that since 2.1. But had not used it in years.
I, of course, have a question. It appears now that there is a version called "Arce Noae" or something like that. It also appears to be a Linux distribution. As someone who has dinked with Linux for years I gave up on it about 6 months ago because it was inconsistent and flaky.
That's why I went back to OS/2 to see if it would allow me to just be a user and not an engineer.
I have OS/2 up and running now and am trying to see if it can be my daily driver.
This is my question when reading on the internet about something how do know if things like applications work under OS/2 or Arce Noea. 
The appear to be all mixed together.
Thanks, jim

Ibrahim Hakeem:
Hi Jim
Arca OS (as you call it, Arca Noae) is not a Linux distribution but for the sake simplicity a heavily updated/modernized Warp 4.52. As for daily use, once you've configured your environment to your preference and gotten over the slight learning curve - it's quite a breeze for the most part.

I'd have to say the biggest shortcoming is the lack of an up-to-date web browser (We're currently stuck on Firefox 45.9.0) but there is a new Chromium based browser by BitWiseWorks which might be ready in the near future.

From personal experience, if you want the easiest user experience as a daily driver without too many hiccups, it's seriously worth looking into using Arca OS rather than using OS/2 Warp.

Dave Yeo:
Yes, ArcaOS, put out by Arca Noae, is an OEM release of OS/2, licensed from IBM. Updated drivers so it mostly runs on modern hardware, uses all cores, supports lots of hardware and has pretty good support. If you want to seriously use OS/2, an upgrade to ArcaOS may be worth the cost. There is also a subscription option for most of the updated/new device drivers to install on older OS/2.
It does have a few Linux ports, which use YUM/RPM or the frontend ANPM (Arca Noae Package Manager) as due to a shortage of developers, it is much simpler to port something then to write it from scratch.

Martin Iturbide:
Hi Jim

Let's us known which OS/2 version are you running and what do you want to do, maybe we can suggest you some software available according on what do need.


I am using OS/2 4.52.  I am pretty well soured on UNIX/Linux other then a server. And even then it is a chore. Every time I turn around something is updated and it requires other things to be updated. Programs are not packaged complete. I install a program and in about 25% of the cases it disaperes. Some other cases it is not on a menu anywhere.
If I can find it I have to identify the executable.
My point is a am old and crotchety and my memory is shot. I just want it to work for the things I want to do. Email, web browsing and a spreadsheet.
I think that's it I think I have Internet connectivity but there isn't a web browser included that will show much of anything.
There is no email client but there is Lotus Smartsuite  and that works.
Anyway, my needs are minimal but I have no interest in learning .  I am changing from a programmer to a user.
If you can help that's great if not DOS here I come.


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