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Just started to dabble in os/2 again

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Hi Jim, my personal experience as average user, having re-joined OS2 Warp 4.52 after 25 years, consists in almost all what described by Martin.
My 2 cents suggestions are:

-with Warp 4.52 go for a VirtualBox guest machine -not real hardware- as it best interfaces to all host peripherals. I read you already thought it

-choose a ready "first run" .vdi file, avoiding complications with media installation issues. Find a good one here:   just needs to be imported in VirtualBox, then run the vm and it works.

-you will enhance the W4.52 guest machine usability by providing the VB Guest Additions for OS2 with the package adapted by Valery Sedletski

-Software installation/integration will be much more easier than it use to be 25 years ago, if you install ANPM (a packages downloader/installer from repositories) which provides all required dependencies, just same as it works in Linux distributions for software installation.  Also WarpIn and InnoTek installers should be considered for the many software packages distributed in that format. Look: WarpIn is required to install ANPM

-Java OpenJDK (version GA 1.6.0)  installation will give you the possibility to run a multiplatform and wide choice of recent software packed in .JAR , mostly ready to be executed in a standalone file.  Visit

-if you are looking for a free and quick installable Office suite I would suggest Staroffice 5.1 in addition to what Martin mentioned.
I find it still makes a good job especially for wordprocessing and format compatibility


--- Quote from: Jim on September 04, 2020, 05:44:15 am ---
I would like to get USB working and it appears I have the drivers but I don't know how to install them.  If you could help with that I would appreciate it.
Thanks Jim

--- End quote ---

in the guest OS2 VirtualBox machine you can  import/export files from/to host system also by activating the Shared Folder functionality (must implement OS2 Guest Additions for that), and/or installing Samba + NetDrive for external volumes browsing.
I also started using .iso format plugged to the guest machine as initial import method for files, just the time needed to implement the above described funcionalities

This is a reply to all of the last 3-5 responses to me.  None of this is working.  I need a reliable way of getting files from Host to guest.  Otherwise it is just a lot of flaying around and getting nowhere.
I have gotten .iso's to transfer but I don't know why some will and some wont.
The VBOX additions I tried didn't work, it was expecting some sort of unix file system, which I don't have.
I have spent a long time with computers, about 45 years, and I have seen too much of abandonware and vaporware in my life.  I won't spend anything more to get something that will fix everything but fixes nothing.
I gave OS/2 a long ride but I guess that's over.
The only thing that is constant is good old DOS.  The DOS in OS/2 as a matter of fact, if I can't get files of and on what is the point.
Sorry, to be such a negative person but all I want is something that will take me through my elder years without a lot of wasted motion.
Thank You all for trying to help.

Dave Yeo:
There's always the old standby, ftp.


--- Quote from: Jim on September 05, 2020, 07:42:21 am ---
The VBOX additions I tried didn't work, it was expecting some sort of unix file system, which I don't have.

--- End quote ---

Have you followed the readme.txt instructions placed in the /doc folder of the GA zip file contents?
There is a description of the case of missing UNIX port tree:

"In case you haven't installed the UNIX ports tree, you'll
need to create the "/usr/lib" subdirectory on some of your drives and
add this drive to "set unixroot=d:" env. variable in your "config.sys".
(you could just copy the files to your boot drive as they are on the
Additions ISO, preserving paths)."

I agree that OS2 Guest Additions require patience and step-by-step instructions following, it has been tricky to me also before getting them working, unfortunately they are not yet packed in a self installer .


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