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Just started to dabble in os/2 again

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Mac OSX 10.7.5

I was thinking about giving you a copy of my .vdi virtual machine which has some ready configurations including the unofficial Guest Additions 218 (which would make the shared folder work in the PM volumes gadget), Samba+Netdrive and other implementations, having no privacy issue as I do not keep any personal file in this guest machine.
But then you would face some other issues mainly consisting in the italian choosen language personalization of the system as well as the timezone and keyboard. Futhermore I cannot be helpful about configuration elements in Macos.
If you think after all this is affordable, tell me.

I think the Italian localization would be a major problem for me.  I do appreciate the offer.

Sorry for the long delay,  thought I should finish up so other people who may be trying to help can move along with their lives.
I cant muster the patience or knowledge to perssist.
Thanks, all


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