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Hi ivan

Computer -> System Setup -> Appearance -> Icon Themes comes in useful although you may want to add in themes from eCS to give more choice.



Hi Pete,

It would be a good idea except there is no 'icon Themes' under 'Appearance', the nearest is 'Scheme Palette' which doesn't change the icons.

BTW are you going to update your USBCFG to include the XHCD driver?

Doug Bissett:

--- Quote ---It would be a good idea except there is no 'icon Themes' under 'Appearance'
--- End quote ---

Well, yes there is, or there should be. It runs C:\SYS\APPS\ITHEME\ITHEME.EXE with working directory set to C:\SYS\APPS\ITHEME. Of course, if you have unexpectedly changed something, it may not exist.

Andreas Schnellbacher:
I guess the 3D look for selected menu items is hard-coded in pmmerge.dll. Even the scheme palette doesn't provide that option.

Hi ivan

Unless you somehow managed to deselect it during installation both eCS and ArcaOS installed ithemes.exe somewhere on your, usually boot, drive. If not you should find it on the ArcaOS installation media [DVD/USB]:\CID\SERVER\ARCAPKG\ITHEME.WPI

Re: USBcfg

Yes, I am currently working on it, been having a few health issues that have prevented me doing much of anything for a while, months in fact, but am now getting back into a couple of projects slowly as health improves.




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