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Per E. Johannessen:

In order to test eCS 2.2 beta I need to update the ISO with newer usb-drivers.
Does anyone have a "How to" for this?
(I know there are "Windows-tools", but I'd like to this under eCS.)

I wouldn't waste the time. The BETA is junk in my opinion.

that is just your opinion. Refresh beta is OK.

Update usb? Save old, unpack and copy new. Or run wpi installer. It will do it for you. That is after installation.

Per E. Johannessen:
I'm trying to install to a pc that has no os installed, and the usb drivers in the beta iso do not
work for the keyboard or the mouse.
So, still I need a way to create an updated iso.

Andi B.:
I think there's an iso file system driver and an iso netdrive plugin too. Maybe you can do that with them but never tried myself.

Personally I would go the Win-UltraISO route. 


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