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Neil Waldhauer:
Posting this from eCS Demo CD

running on Thinkpad W500.

I tried to boot on VGA, but got no display. I switched the display to the LCD and then when I booted I got a display.

USB support works for my thumb drive.

Thanks Roderick and everyone for all the work you did.

Martin Iturbide:
Hi Neil

Is this a private beta, or is it available for public download?


R.M. Klippstein:
Its a public download to be followed soon with a 2.2 beta!


Martin Iturbide:
I see it, it is dated as "06/12/2013", right?

A formal announcement will be nice, but for the moment I'm downloading it to check it out.

Hi Martin

The below was posted to the eCSTestTeam mailing list today (06/12/2013) and is the closest to a formal announcement I've seen so far.



[ eComStation Test Team ]

As a runup to a new eCS 2.2 beta DVD we released a new demo CD today.
It has the latest USB, Panorama, AHCI, DANIS506.ADD and ACPI onboard.

Let us know how it works. This should especially fix the USB keyboard and mouse problems.


Good  luck,

Roderick Klein
Mensys B.V.


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