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FF 45.x and resulting broken sites

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Dariusz Piatkowski:
I suppose this was inevitable, but I'm now starting to see consistent behaviour with multiple sites that no longer render in our FF 45.x browser.

Things were never smooth sailing in the past, but at least the previous symptoms were more of a nuisance as opposed to just a flat-out stop.

So here is the thing: before I completely decide that certain browser traffic must go on another device, can you guys concurr that you are seeing similar problem on one of these sites?

Take someting like https://www.linkedin.com. This was fine in the past, SLOOOWWW for sure, but between NoScript and uBlock I managed. Well, today that is no longer the case. When attempting to visit that site I simply get the traveling timer bar, but nothing else ever happens.

Make no mistake though, it is not like the browser isn't doing anything, the CPU cores spikes, I literally get 100% utilization showing, FF eventually becomes fairly non-responsive.

So I took a stab at this to try to at least figure out where the proble lies (heck, I thought maybe one of my addons is the culprit - it isn't as I tried this very same thing with a blank profile, same result). I relied on the FF built-in Performance monitor, did some capture and came away with some results, which is what I'd like to share.

Basically, it appears that our FF's Graphics engine/function goes into some serious effort and yet nothing is produced.

For those of you who may be more familiar with the FF inner-workings, does what you see in the attached screen capture make any sense?


I have seen problems similar to what you mention, with the Seamonkey, processors on top, the system dying. What version do you use of Arcaos, and the config.sys and the swappath, what do you have?

With arca505 I have had 40 or 50 websites open, now with arca506 I can only open 8 or 10 websites

Dariusz Piatkowski:
Hi roberto!

--- Quote from: roberto on September 19, 2020, 04:14:20 pm ---...What version do you use of Arcaos, and the config.sys and the swappath, what do you have?...
--- End quote ---

Not even AOS. This is my 4.52 SMP machine...yes, it's got some upgrades (kernel, etc.) but otherwise this is the original OS/2 box with all the applicable fixpaks. All in all, a solid box with some nuanced SMP/SNAP issues.

You can try this:
SWAPPATH=C:\OS2\SYSTEM 311289 311289
It is very experimental, and it can cause problems.
But for me it is one of the best values. Although the uniaud sound fails a bit and I have to move the mouse to recover the sound.
With other values ​​the uniaud works fine, but other things don't.

Hi Dariusz

Just tried https://www.linkedin.com/ com with Seamonkey/2.42.9esr (1 of Daves builds, - O2 in about:buildconfig) and the site loads fine with javascript enabled in NoScript. I do not have uBlock installed.




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