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Bernhard Pöttinger:
in general you need a terminal server or remote desktop host in your network for that. That is a windows server component that exists since windows 2000. You must license this component separate from your windows server os license. Every Windows professional or enterprise has this terminal server component also, but only one user can connect per rdp to windows. You can patch the termsrv.dll on windows 7,8,10 that it becomes a multiuser operating systems, so that more than one user can connect to this windows with rdp. With Windows professional you can only open windows fullscreen sessions; with windows enterprise you can hack the registry that single applications will be offered; the enterprise edition from windows 7,8,10 you can run seamless rdp applications.
There exists some 3rd party tools, such as thinstuff, which make the windows client os mult user os and serve applications for rdp clients.
best regards

Martin Iturbide:

Today I wanted to use FreeRDP for a test drive. I enabled remote desktop on a Win10 machine on my network, I used FreeRDP, created a WPS FreeRDP client object and connected to the Windows full desktop without problems.

But my question is how to run only one windows app on your ArcaOS desktop like Chrome or Firefox (like this image: http://os2.snc.ru/product-freerdp.html#img:07.png)
I tried on the "RemoteApp" tab to put the link directly to chrome.exe, but it did not connect. I guess I'm missing more configuration, or the some quotes "".


Bernhard Pöttinger:

you can only use, so called seamless applications (single application which is integrated in the client desktop like a local application), with FreeRDP if you have a windows remote desktop server or you can you can hack the registry on a windows 10 (or 7) enterprise edition. With Windows Professional it is not possible!
There exist some windows third party tools which enable other windows editions than the enterprise edition with this feature, like thinstuff. I tried thinstuff some years ago, but with no success.

Here is an short article (in german) how you can make an normal windows enterprise to an fully functional windows terminal server:


The same procedure is working on windows 10 (enterprise).

best regards


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