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(SOLVED) Broken Audio on MMOS2


Martin Iturbide:

I broke the sound of my Thinkpad L420 with ArcaOS 5.0.6. It means that it does not produce sound and when I double click on .wav files it get selected and quickly got deselected without producing sound.

What I did is to use the "Enable USB Audio Output Auto-Switch" and also installed USB Audio (usbdrv234.zip) since I wanted to try an USB mic that I have. I installed USB Audio using MINSTALL.EXE (picture attached).  Maybe my mistake was to installed blindly all the packaged of it.  I'm also attaching my config.sys

Any ideas on how to recover the sound?


Martin Iturbide:
Ohh.. It was easy.

I found my issue on MMSetup. It was selected the USB Audio, that I don't have, because I only want to try an USB Mic for input.


Well,if you install my USB audio package,then you should NOT install the "default WAV device applet" if you also use AN. They have the replacement that you mentioned. My expectation is that their solution should autoselect the USB audio driver as default as soon as you plug in a USB device.


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