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Fluidsynth new udate

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Eugene Tucker:
Will someone fix this.
ERROR with transaction check vs depsolve:sdl2200.dll is needed by fluidsynth-2.1.5-1.oc01.i686sdl2200.dll is needed by fluidsynth-libs-2.1.5-1.oc01.i686Please report this error at

Which SDL2 did you installed?
As you need the SDL2 RPM package.
That one contain the sdl2200.dll

Eugene Tucker:
I tried it with both of the ANPM versions sdl and SDL.

Dave Yeo:
Hi Eugene, I think you need to enable netlabs-exp, install sdl2 and dependencies and perhaps the other packages with sdl2 in the name, and then disable netlabs-exp.

It's not SDL or sdl but SDL2 you need.
In the EXP there is SDL@-2.0.12-2.oc00.I686.rpm or download the zip file @
And see if that fixed the problem..


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