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ArcaOS USB floppy drive letter assignment

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Greg Barrett:
I have installed ArcaOS 5.0.6 to a PC with no internal floppy drives.
ArcaOS still reserves drives A; and B: for nonexistent drives, and when I attach a USB floppy drive and refresh removable media, the drive is mounted as E:
Unfortunately, the installation program I run off of the floppy disk is hard-coded to look on drive A: or B:, so it cannot proceed.
Is there a way i can make the USB floppy drive attach as drive A:?

Check the CONFIG.SYS for the entry BASEDEV=USBMSD.ADD ...
and add /FLOPPIES:1 /A_USAGE:1 to this line.

Greg Barrett:
No change in behavior, I'm afraid.

Dave Yeo:
Is it a DOS or OS/2 application? If DOS, checkout the subst command, "help subst" on a cmd line.

Greg Barrett:
The application is for OS/2.


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