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Thunderbird and Contact import...what works?

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Dariusz Piatkowski:
Good news guys, downlevelling to gcontactsync-2.0.13-sm+tb.xpi solved the problem for me. I was able to bring all of my Google Contacts and Groups into TB. Much happier!

But, to Dave's point, this issue is apparently hitting the newer versions of TB.

In the meantime, I went looking for the option to sync up the Google Calendar in TB as well. Found 'Provider for Google Calendar', fished out the 48.x TB compatible version and installed.


But, at least the reason seems a little more obvious, the Error Log shows failure to validate using the OAuthorization method, error shows:

--- Code: ---...
Timestamp: 10/25/20 04:47:39 pm
Error: NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE: Component returned failure code: 0x80040111 (NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE) [nsIHttpChannel.responseStatus]
Source File: resource://gdata-provider/modules/OAuth2.jsm
Line: 171

--- End code ---

But at least this is consistent with the TB Gmail IMAP account setup steps which require us to use 'Normal' authentication instead, if I'm guessing correctly here and putting the two pieces together.

Dave Yeo:
This might be newer, also calendar timezones.

Dariusz Piatkowski:
Hi Dave,

--- Quote from: Dave Yeo on October 25, 2020, 11:16:02 pm ---This might be newer, also calendar timezones.

--- End quote ---

Thanks for the attachment.

The 'Provider for Google Calendar' version I have already installed is 3.3, so I had not installed the version you sent (that being 2.6). Given my last post I spent a few more hours investigating this to finally discover that TB has the option to "fake" being Firefox. OK, I'm over-simplifying, but point being with something like Google log-in functionality that actually allows TB to work properly.

So, specifically setting general.useragent.compatMode.firefox to TRUE (FALSE is default) now actually allowed the 'Provider for Google Calendar' v3.3 to work successfully. Not only did it get to my Google Calendars, but it successfully imported my own, as well as all the other calendars that are visible to me.

As such, as best as I can tell it would appear that I can get all my Google/Android scheduling/contact/email handling done in TB, which is an awesome setup!

Of course I now need to do some addtional testing, such as: adding new contacts in TB, setting up new calendar events and/or tasks in TB, etc., but so far, so good. Thank you again Dave for reminding me of this.

Andi B.:
I started to avoid google services a while ago including mail and calendar as the constantly spy your location (and block you if you don't let them know your current location) and censors emails. Found out that GMX calendar (CalDAV) works better with SM Lightbird and Lightning additions than google calendar ever did. Maybe worth to check other calendar options for you too.


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