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Thunderbird and CHAT feature...


Dariusz Piatkowski:
Alright, so I figured since the TB email client is here to say I might as well give the CHAT feature a whirl.

Setup went OK, the IDs and accounts are recognized. All appears to work (test msgs are fine), "Typing..." indicators are fine, etc. However, none of the message history appears to be retained.

Basically, once I shut TB down and re-start any previous messages are lost. The history still shows a day of the week that prior messages ocurred on, I can click on these at which point in time i would expect the actual msg window to show the chat history. That does not happen.

Has anyone seen this?

Dave Yeo:
To be honest, as I usually use Chatzilla, I haven't played too much with the chat function in TB besides seeing if I could connect to netlabs.
Logging might show where and if the JS is broken, thunderbird.exe 2>&1 | tee thunderbird.log and look for errors in irc.js or related JS, probably something like unix error #2 or such.
I also at one point tried to build instantbird but couldn't get libpurple working with authentication. Instantbird was a standalone Mozilla chat client, abandoned.

Dave Yeo:
I can verify that TB doesn't seem to be able to load the logs of previous IRC sessions. The logs themselves are in your profile under logs/irc and seem fine. Nothing gets logged anywhere either.
Testing Instantbird (ver 1.6a1, Gecko 45.9) now as it shares most of the same code. Kind of a neat program, too bad it died. I should see about packaging it and trying to upload it somewhere.


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