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Watched them all and found them to be very interesting! : )
Especially the news about DTA and how it is said to emulate a Soundblaster card for DOS games. - That's going to be ULTRA nice: As soon that works, playing the good old games with sound is just another level of enjoyment! - Excellent!

Also this helps BIG time promoting the operating system on the next retro gaming convention. *__*

It's said to be part of the upcoming ArcaOS 5.1, and if this DTA thing is stable until the next retro gaming convention, this time I'll be there with a new and fresh PC enclosure.... IF it will take place in May 2021 in the first place.. Let's hope we all are "allowed" to meet up and enjoy life again. : ))

Also thumbs up Sigurd! Found your presentation to be an eye opener, and it HAD to be presented. These presentations were too good to miss! : )
Especially using OS/2 as tablet (including touch input) was astonishing! I bet the majority of people saw this for the first time.


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