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Preparing for Warpstock Virtual 2020 ...

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Doug Clark:
Nice presentation Sigurd.  I  enjoyed all the presentations.  Thanks to the presenters and all the others that made Warpstock come together.

Martin Iturbide:

Thanks for watching and participating in Warpstock 2020. It was a nice and different experience.


Eugene Tucker:
Warp Stock 2020 was very good and I enjoyed it totally. I thank you for this event promoters, presenters and attendees.

Martin Iturbide:

The Warpstock 2020 playlist (with the separated videos) is now available.
- Playlist


Tuure Linden:
Interesting presentationis and not too many technical difficulties. A little shorter experience than former Warpstocks but it was nice to able to attend "real-time". I'm looking forward to the new browser and ArcaOS 5.1.


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