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David Kiley

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Re: QT5 simplebrowser
« Reply #180 on: June 09, 2021, 08:37:29 am »
The way I read your response I am not 100% certain you understand what Lewis wrote.

What Lewis his opinion is that some people purchased a license of ArcaOS 5.0 and when half a year later the 6 month the subscription expired and did not renew the subscription. Doing that is a user his right. The included OS/2 license remains always valid.

What Lewis mentioned is that he thinks its not far if people to renew the ArcaOS subscription after not having paid for it for 3 years. The customer then buys a new subscription and would access to version 5.0.6.  It seems BTW recently Arca Noae modified the policy and when you let the subscription expire for a long time you pay an extra fee for getting access again.

Well like I said I might have been too sensitive about it.
I understand that the license is still valid. I just don't like painting users who opt not to upgrade as somehow being unfair to others.
I don't have a problem with him opting to charge a larger fee if they decide to upgrade later - it's his business to price as he sees fit.
Just don't like the way he said it, is all.

Andi B.

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Re: QT5 simplebrowser
« Reply #181 on: June 09, 2021, 08:57:49 pm »
If you count the first three octets of the IP address it where 500 unqiue IP addreses. Count all 4 octets it where just over 600 unique IP addresses.
Remeber that this is an indication in my opinion but I described that already.

These are the IP addresses I had during only one month this year. Maybe I've overlooked some doublets in the list, maybe I've deleted some unique ones while composing it. But this is only for my xDSL connection. In parallel I had also changing IP addresses on my LTE connection different to that.

Code: [Select]
20210501 23:10:00 Own IP is
20210502 22:28:53 Own IP is
20210503 20:07:43 Own IP is
20210504 07:32:14 Own IP is
20210504 21:30:29 Own IP is
20210505 20:33:42 Own IP is
20210506 22:48:05 Own IP is
20210507 20:06:16 Own IP is
20210508 13:57:36 Own IP is
20210509 19:19:07 Own IP is
20210510 19:52:08 Own IP is
20210511 15:57:16 Own IP is
20210512 08:59:35 Own IP is
20210514 19:26:12 Own IP is
20210515 19:25:36 Own IP is
20210516 19:01:11 Own IP is
20210518 21:01:53 Own IP is
20210519 17:28:33 Own IP is
20210520 08:10:37 Own IP is
20210521 22:48:09 Own IP is
20210522 23:07:58 Own IP is
20210524 19:24:50 Own IP is
20210525 19:47:36 Own IP is
20210527 18:38:53 Own IP is
20210528 20:09:54 Own IP is
20210529 22:40:44 Own IP is
20210530 20:16:46 Own IP is
20210531 21:39:03 Own IP is
20210601 07:55:53 Own IP is
20210601 21:28:47 Own IP is

Maybe your counting is nearly correct, maybe others have similar changing IPs than me, I don't know. At least you can count all the above IPs as one single user, not 30 ;-).

I would be happy if there are really so much users out there as you think. But excuse me, I still don't believe it.