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Hi Per

Sorry, I see that Icy Box dropped eSATA support from that enclosure at some point - I have exactly that model but *with* eSATA capability - see attached photo - IcyBox.png - of part of box clearly showing USB3.0/eSATA capability.

Maybe you will find 1 on ebay...



Per E. Johannessen:
Thanks, Pete.
For now I've ordered a similar cable as the one Roberto is using.
Will keep searching for an external eSATA enclosure though. Based on the comments that USB 3.0 is slow on our platform it's even more important.

Hi Per,

Just remember that cable gets the power for the drive from the USB connector and is therefore designed for 2.5 inch SSD drives - DON'T try and use it with a 3.5 inch drive, you will burn out the USB connector supplying the power and, depending on the computer design, maybe all the USB ports.

Did that and finished up having to replace the motherboard. 

Though I should add a picture to show my cabling with a 3.5 inch drive (the red cable is a eSATA socket to be added to the new computer I'm building).

Andi B.:
FANTEC has a few on their site f.i. 225U3eSATAp-6G or fanbox FB-C25US2 or DB-228U3e. See
But I hardly find shops where one of them is on stock.

There are more offers for 3.5" disks but as you're looking for SSD here are a few others -
or this one as overview without the 2.5" filter -

Didn't try one by myself though. Be aware, with OS/2 you need to attach the eSATA drive before booting. Think someone said it before but for me this is a big drawback compared to other OSes. 

Per E. Johannessen:
Thanks Ivan, I'm going to use SSD's, but good to know.

Thanks for links Andi.
I noticed that they mention eSATAp so they get power over eSATA and my system does only have eSATA port.

Anyway, I've asked a local computer reseller to come up with a solution.


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