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Do little QT donations matter?

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David Kiley:
I read on this old post about donations to the browser project that small donations are not good enough (the response from Roderick)

I get it's a huge project but I find that sentiment discouraging.. since I probably can only make small donations now.
Maybe if my business takes off I can make more - but not sure if I should bother now since it would just be a drop in the bucket.

Your opinions welcome:)

Dave Yeo:
Well to quote Roderick,

--- Quote ---We are however still looking for more funding.  And we need more then just 10 or 20 Dollars :-)
All donations are welcome but its justa  very big effort.
--- End quote ---

10 people donating $20 equals one person donating $200, which pays for a day or 2 of Dmitry's coding either way. I think that Roderick's point was that it'll take more then $20, as he says.it's a big effort.

Ian Manners:
From little things, big things grow (Australian Industry Superannuation advert).
Everything helps no matter how small.

Martin Iturbide:
Hi David.

I think that every little thing counts. Since Bitwise development is full open source and had delivered important things on the past I support their efforts.
The ways to donate are:
- Bitwise Patreon
- Bitwise Shop - Qt5 Development Unit
- OS2VOICE to Bitwise Donation
- or even buying OS2VOICE stuff on ebay that will be donated to Bitwise


Ibrahim Hakeem:
All donated money is good money.


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