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Drilling Billy - Problem running the exe

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Actually, I found the source code for the various VESA DLLs:

Dave Yeo:

--- Quote from: Lars on December 18, 2020, 11:43:53 pm ---The log file tells me it's because VESA_ALL.DLL thinks I am running 800x600, 8-bit color depth where I am running 1920x1080, 32-bit color depth.

--- End quote ---

The full screen session probably was running at 800x600x8. The question is whether your (and Martins) video bios or perhaps the driver, supports enough of the VESA stuff to run the game.
Running SNAP might help as Scitech got started by supplying a universal VESA driver for DOS games.

Dave Yeo:
I tried this. With VESADLL=vesa_all.dll the vesatest program runs fine and seems to see all my video resolutions. Trying to run os2billy.exe gives the error "Unable to set videomode nr 65535" twice.

vesatest.exe also works on my system, that's not going to help.
By looking at the source code I can take an educated guess that it already traps on loading the DLL. I would need to build vesa_all.dll with the VAC toolset and debug into it. Maybe I will have the time to do that.
I don't think SNAP will make a difference: I am using GENGRADD which is also a GRADD driver and SCREEN01.sys provides basic video bios support that will hopefully suffice. Don't forget that this game was written when Warp3 was out, but Merlin and newer had added a lot of generic video support.

...as an example, VIDEOPMI.DLL offers support to execute any vesa bios interrupt call in real mode.
Maybe vesa_all.dll needs to be modified to use all that newer support.


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