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again on Uniaud

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Eugene Tucker:
I would not mix those drivers but if you have a mind to try. Let us know.


--- Quote from: David Graser on December 21, 2020, 05:03:20 pm ---Can one use Lar's multimedia drivers along with the ArcaOS drivers?

--- End quote ---

If you ONLY use my USB audio drivers (USBAUDIO.SYS, USBAUD2.SYS), it should work. As far as I know that is also what AN delivers with their latest ArcaOS version.
David stated that he did not see a point in making the USB audio drivers into 32-bit drivers and that's why they are still 16-bit and still use the old 16-bit interface (to USBD.SYS).


--- Quote from: Lars on December 21, 2020, 03:28:17 pm ---The easiest you could do is install my USB sound drivers. Even if you are not interested in USB sound, it comes with some additional updates, amongst them a tool to properly select the default WAV device. It will install itself into the Multimedia object and does more than the stuff you have already tried out (and as you already noticed does not work).

--- End quote ---
Ok thank you Lars, I'll try those ones
Downloaded the latest usbdrv236.zip, the archive contains (in /mmos2 folder) usbaudio.zip and usbwav.zip, not usbaud2.zip , is that correct?

Yes, usbaudio.zip contains BOTH drivers.
Usbwav.zip contains yet additional Multimedia extensions that allow to play WAV variants like alaw,mulaw,adpcm and others.

Just to add, you have to unzip these packages into temp dirs, change to these and run "minstall /*".


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